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Label Maker Love

You know you're an organizing geek when... Your husband hands you a package and you: Shriek with Delight, Jump Up and Down Throw your Arms around Him and Almost Cry because inside the box you just opened is... A LABEL MAKER!!! Seriously, I'm not even exaggerating, this was truly my reaction to this amazing gift.… Continue reading Label Maker Love

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Back to School Resolutions

It is a tradition for people to make "New Years Resolutions" on January 1. We flip the calendar and hope for a new beginning. We look back at the Holiday season and feel guilt for eating too many sweets and not being active enough and we "resolve" to take better care of ourselves next year.… Continue reading Back to School Resolutions

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Benefits of Deprevation

Overfed, and under nourished is a phrase that I've heard used to¬†describe the present ¬†generation. This phrase could be used to describe not just the diet that we feed ourselves and our children but also the materialism that we consume. As parents we want what is "best" for our kids. It is easy to fall… Continue reading Benefits of Deprevation

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Play the Game

I was washing dishes when two girls came barging into my kitchen yelling, "Get inside!" They then asked me in a frantic panic if I could move my car out of the garage. It was Celina(our exchange student) and one of her best friends. They are seniors and at the end of the senior year… Continue reading Play the Game

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Living Local

It's Farmer's Market season! YAY!!! Yesterday my kids and I ventured down to the Fulton Street Market. It was a beautiful representative of our awesome city...Grand Rapids. There were artisans with handmade decor, soaps, pottery, jewelry and more. The summers abundance was evident in the careful rows fruits and veggies. The vivid colors, thoughtful displays… Continue reading Living Local

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“Skinny House”-On the Road

I live in the state that is nicknamed the "Mitten". There is good reason for this, the obvious fact...Michigan is shaped like a mitten, and the not so obvious... the majority of the year we are wearing mittens. It gets cold here, really cold for a long time. Winter is by far our longest season.… Continue reading “Skinny House”-On the Road

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Changing My Script- “I am NOT a runner.”

I can still feel the agony, the dread of the once a year mile run in elementary school. I never could do it. I would try so hard, but my legs would hurt, my side would cramp and my throat would get so dry I couldn't even spit (which was so unlike prissy little me… Continue reading Changing My Script- “I am NOT a runner.”


Grief Strikes When You Least Expect It.

I'd spent the day running around town exploring different options for selling clothes on consignment. My last stop was a kids store filled with rows of perfectly hung clothes arranged by size in rainbow order-an organizers delight. I only needed to purchase one small thing for the giving tables at our church. I was careful… Continue reading Grief Strikes When You Least Expect It.