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Business Books

I've met with several entrepreneurs this week. They are all women who I admire. I love to talk about growth and strategy and changing the world. I am inspired by their stories and motivated by their success. I am a lifelong learner. I am committed to always growing. In our conversations one of my favorite… Continue reading Business Books

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The Call to be a Lighthouse.

I watched the news before bed...always a mistake. I struggled to settle my mind for sleep. I was overwhelmed by the darkness, the brokenness. The decline in morality that is racing at a fever pitch. I prayed for our world, for our country, for my friends and neighbors, for my kids. First thing the next… Continue reading The Call to be a Lighthouse.

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How Audiobooks Have Changed My Life.

I'm sitting in a hipster cafe in East Grand Rapids eating a salad with "Purple Rice"...whatever that is. It sounds healthy anyway. I'm wearing a dress that I bought full price at a boutique because I liked it in the window. (By the way I've gotten 3 compliments on it in the last hour...awesome, I… Continue reading How Audiobooks Have Changed My Life.

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Spice and Everything Nice.

I am very frugal by nature. It is no secret that I love things organized and I admit that my heart goes pitter patter when everything matches. I looked into buying all new spice jars so that everything would be in glass and matching perfectly in my spice drawer. I just couldn't bring myself to… Continue reading Spice and Everything Nice.

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Label Maker Love

You know you're an organizing geek when... Your husband hands you a package and you: Shriek with Delight, Jump Up and Down Throw your Arms around Him and Almost Cry because inside the box you just opened is... A LABEL MAKER!!! Seriously, I'm not even exaggerating, this was truly my reaction to this amazing gift.… Continue reading Label Maker Love

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Back to School Resolutions

It is a tradition for people to make "New Years Resolutions" on January 1. We flip the calendar and hope for a new beginning. We look back at the Holiday season and feel guilt for eating too many sweets and not being active enough and we "resolve" to take better care of ourselves next year.… Continue reading Back to School Resolutions

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Benefits of Deprevation

Overfed, and under nourished is a phrase that I've heard used to describe the present  generation. This phrase could be used to describe not just the diet that we feed ourselves and our children but also the materialism that we consume. As parents we want what is "best" for our kids. It is easy to fall… Continue reading Benefits of Deprevation

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Play the Game

I was washing dishes when two girls came barging into my kitchen yelling, "Get inside!" They then asked me in a frantic panic if I could move my car out of the garage. It was Celina(our exchange student) and one of her best friends. They are seniors and at the end of the senior year… Continue reading Play the Game