Grief Strikes When You Least Expect It.

I'd spent the day running around town exploring different options for selling clothes on consignment. My last stop was a kids store filled with rows of perfectly hung clothes arranged by size in rainbow order-an organizers delight. I only needed to purchase one small thing for the giving tables at our church. I was careful… Continue reading Grief Strikes When You Least Expect It.

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What Goldilocks and Simplism have in common.

I love the story of Goldilocks. I want to be Mama Bear. I want her house. Everything inside is "Just Right" for the people who live there.  Think about the story. Goldilocks comes to an open door. I want that to be my house. The house where the door is always open. Then she finds… Continue reading What Goldilocks and Simplism have in common.

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The End of Nagging

I find that many of my moments of brilliant revelation are born out of desperate frustration. One day after we had finished our family dinner I looked around and realized that everyone was sitting on the couch in the family room joking around...everyone but me. "Why am I the only one cleaning up", my mind… Continue reading The End of Nagging

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Laundry Addiction

Hi, my name is “Michelle”, and I am a recovering laundryaholic. I am obsessed with laundry. If there are clothes in the basket, I empty it, a damp towel, I wash it. I can’t stand to have mountains of laundry pile up. “So what’s the big deal,” you ask? The trouble is that it is… Continue reading Laundry Addiction

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Simplified Birthdays

Birthday’s seemed to be getting bigger and grander. Each year getting a little bit more out of balance. It was hard to compete with peers who were having amazing parties with tons of gifts, food, and prizes. We decided that this would be a great teaching opportunity. We decided to give each child $100.00 for… Continue reading Simplified Birthdays