Podcast Business News Network Interview


Home Design is my passion. Click on the link under the picture to hear my interview with the “Podcast Business News Network.” Or read the transcript below. Thanks!


Announcer-Broadcasting from the Business News Network of the world, This is the “Podcast Business News Network.

Joe-“Welcome back to the show everybody, I’m your host Joe P. Joining me now from Kentwood Michigan she’s the owner of, “Skinny House.” Let’s welcome to the show Michelle Loveless. Michelle, thanks so much for coming on today.

Michelle– “Thanks for having me Joe.”

Joe– “To start us off tell us all a little bit about yourself and what you do.”

Michelle– “Thank-you, I’m the owner of “Skinny House.” I offer Interior Design, Home Staging and Home Organizing services. I help homeowners navigate home improvement projects, new construction design, as well as staging their home if they are getting ready to sell, and organizing if they are looking to create a more peaceful environment in their home. “

Joe-“So Michelle is this something that you always had a passion for? Is it something that you kinda fell into later on? What was your background getting into it?”

Michelle– “I’ve definitely always had a passion for it. My background would go back a lot of years. About 20 years ago my husband and I started buying homes, flipping them and we also owned rental property. I fell in love with design then because I realized the more beautiful they were the more money we made. So, a few years ago I did jump fully into design and launched my business with “Skinny House” and I haven’t looked back. “

Joe– “So Michelle now, over the last year or so with the pandemic how has it changed the way that you interact with your clients and how has it changed kinda the steps to taking on certain projects?”

Michelle– “It has definitely pushed me into a season of growth. I am committed to being a life long learner, and it has actually catapulted my business into new spaces. So, learning to remote, E-design, all of those kinds of things have really just added another layer to my business. People are in their homes now, more than ever they want them to be beautiful. So it actually has been a very positive thing for our industry. “

Joe-“So Michelle, when you begin a new process with a client what’s kinda the difference between how you approach it when you are staging the home to sell as opposed to when you’re actually designing for someone to stay in it and actually to live in the home. “

Michelle-” When I’m designing to sell I’m really looking to market to a broad audience. So, at that point we are looking to take away things that are personal, to make it a little bit more appealing to who ever would want to call that “home.” When I’m working with a home owner we are really looking to make it personal. So then I really want to know their story, what’s important to them, if they have things that they love because they have special memories attached to them. So, it’s really my heart to create a unique space for each client if they are staying. If they are looking to sell, I’m going to help them get the very most money that they can out of their property, so it’s a little bit different approaches. “

Joe– “Michelle, how do our listeners find out some more about you and the services that you offer, how do they contact you?”

Michelle-” I would love for a free discovery call. They can reach me at (616) 901-1288. They can also find me on social media. I’m on Facebook and Instagram, my handle is @skinnyhouseinteriors. I would love to have them look me up there. “

Joe– “Michelle, I do appreciate you coming on today here today to talk about your work. I hope that you will be hearing from the listeners very soon as well. “

Michelle– “Thank-you, I appreciate the opportunity. “

Joe– “Once again, Michelle Loveless, everyone, Michelle I thank you and hope you have a great rest of your day. “

Michelle– “Thanks so much.”

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