Small Investment-Big Payout-Part 1

In the world of home staging I’m always looking for the WOW factor. Statement pieces that grab your attention and make you think, “I want this house!” It’s amazing how changing out a few key item can have a big impact. Here’s the inside scoop on a few of the things I suggest you switch out for an instant update.


Updated lighting gives the message that the home has been keep up to date. Visitors to the home will think that you have done a good job with the behind the scenes maintenance if what they readily see is beautiful and on trend. Lighting is simple, affordable and doesn’t even make a big mess. Here are some of my favorites.

This Drum light can be installed with down rods to create a modern focal point over a dining table or be installed with out to make a lovely ceiling light.

This dressier chandelier style drum light works nicely in dining rooms.

The classic orb is always a nice choice to update a space. This light works great in smaller foyers/open stairways or above a table.

Simply click on the links below each picture to find these beautiful lights available on Amazon.

The links above are affiliate links. I do receive a commission when you purchase through the links. There is no added cost to you. I’m happy to help you find just the right products for your project! If you are looking for something specific contact me at :

I’m happy to help!

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