Pantries-Mudrooms-Laundry Rooms-Hard Working Spaces

Mudrooms, Laundry rooms, and pantries are all hardworking spaces. We use them daily. These spaces affect how we move through our day. They often set the tone. If things are lost or messy as we scramble out the door or search for a snack we feel frustrated. When things are tidy and well stocked we let out an exhale and move smoothly through our day.

As we enter the new year I think we all could benefit from a little inspiration. I want to share with you some of the spaces where order has been created or restored. I’m so thankful for the sweet people who have welcomed me into their spaces and allowed me to share them with you.

Let’s celebrate the pantry!

It’s like our own little grocery store under our roof. The place where dinner around the table begins and chocolate chips wait in a jar for a mid afternoon snack.

Let’s celebrate the mudroom.

The first place we enter when we come home. Here in Michigan we have a lot of gear to store to protect us from the elements. We experience absolutely every form of weather, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and sun. Bring it on!

Let’s celebrate the laundry room.

The place where we pile mountains of clothes after a week of camping at the beach. The room that transforms stinky and stained into fresh and clean. Thank heaven for on site laundry.

Hard Working spaces bring us JOY when they are BEAUTIFUL and TIDY!

Contact Michelle at Skinny House to bring order to your home.

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