Favorite Organizing Tools

Here are a few of my


 “Skinny House” style.

I think your house will LOVE them too! 

Each item can be purchased from Amazon by simply clicking on the picture to link to their website. Easy peasy. I’ve spent the hours online browsing, you just have to click! Your Welcome.

Brother Label Maker- A must have for every Skinny House!

Be sure to get extra label tape!

Ideas for use:

-Organize mail, receipts and other paper clutter.

-I have one that says,” Needs Attention.” I can quickly clear my desk into this bin and nothing gets lost.

-Group like items together. In my pantry I have one for Food Magazines, Grandma’s Recipes, School Cookbooks, and Online Recipes that I’ve printed.

-Vertically store Paper products-Party plates for Birthdays/Seasonal.

Sterilite 12 pack of bins.

These are a super value. The key to making things look neat it matching bins at at about $2.00 each these can’t be beat!

Ideas for use:

-Pantry Organizing- Small snacks, packets and mixes

-Shoe Storage

-Craft Storage


I hope that this round up of my “Favorite things for Organizing” has been helpful. Feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for a specific organization solution. 

I do receive a commission when you buy through the links above. There is no cost to you. Thanks for supporting “Skinny House!”

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