Beauty Matters

My feet are tired. I’ve spent the morning working on a display that is a collaboration between Skinny House and Ashley furniture for the “Scars to your Beautiful” event.

I step outside and feel the warm paint of the deck boards on my bare feet. It feels so good. I was drawn out here by my curious mind that had to capture a closer look. There is an extraordinary spiders web stretching between my hummingbird feeder and my patio umbrella. The symmetry of carefully spun web is so beautiful.

I pause for a moment and linger. On my agenda I need to tie up the loose ends for the class that I am teaching tomorrow on Home Staging. I’m thinking about it, pondering, dwelling in the “Why of home design.” Why does it matter if our homes are well decorated, if they are inviting?

In the stillness of my backyard God’s voice is so clear through His creation. I think of the things that I love in a home. Warmth. I feel the sun warming my face and perfectly lighting up the world around me. Smell. I admire the lavender in my flower bed. What started out as a very small plant from the garden center is now a robust plant that flavors my ice water and smells lovely in my dresser drawers. Taste. Basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, all of these fine herbs are thriving in my raised garden beds. Sound. The earth is never silent. The leaves rustle with a soothing sound in the wind. Each bird sings their own unique song. I hear layers of songs with the crickets and cicada bugs. Sight. I see flowers blooming in vibrant colors, the grass is a rich emerald green.

I remember the account of creation where God creates this magnificent planet and He says that, “It is good.” And then in in a great crescendo He makes us, people, in His image. He could have made the world black and white. He could have given us a tank to fill with fuel like a meter on a car. He could have made one temperature, no taste, no smell, no sounds, no connections. But that’s not our God. He is brilliant and creative and we are made in His image.

I see a bright red Cardinal and his muted colored mate and I smile. A golden leaf drifts down slowly and contrasts the green grass. And I think Beauty Matters.

Paint colors, fabric patterns, and candles that smell like “Sweet Grace.” These things bring me joy and delight. God thought our outdoor environment was important, I have to believe He thinks our indoor space is important too.

Here’s to the “Skinny House”, the place we call home. May it be our “exhale” at the end of the day. The place where we leave our high heals at the door and are wrapped in our favorite colors and a cozy blanket. May it be the place where souls are nurtured and memories are made.

My heart is to come alongside of you and help you to create the place where your heart can sing. Let’s celebrate every taste, smell, texture, and sound in our homes. Let’s embrace beauty. Beauty Matters.

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