Life Is A Race.


The more I get a window into the lives of the women around me I am able to pinpoint the fact that TIME SHORTAGE is at the heart of the chaos in our homes and in our lives.

Sure, the average Mom would love to pick up her house and stay on top of things. But the truth is that she is working, running kids around, trying to keep people fed, exercise, be social and get some sleep. Our time is stretched thin and we aren’t doing anything with excellence. We are just getting by.

So what’s a girl to do? The first step that you can take is…EDIT.

Take a hard look at your calendar and your stuff and EDIT like a BOSS. This is at the heart of everything I do at Skinny House.

Let me share with you an image that I often have in my mind that helps me think through the idea of editing/decluttering.

Imagine that you are in a race.

At the starting line is you and the mountain of stuff that you own. The goal is to get every object over the finish line in the shortest amount of time. You look at your mountain of stuff and you think, this is going to take me all weekend, countless numbers of trips back and forth, back and forth. You feel tired thinking about it and decide to sit down and lean on your mountain of stuff because it’s just TOO MUCH.

Then you look over at the girl next to you and she has this little pile. She’s in her running shoes and cute little florescent matching, East Grand Rapids looking, fitness outfit (Locals, you know what I’m talking about.) She picks up a little stack and runs it across the line, she returns a few more times and then is done. Now she’s off to Starbucks to have coffee with a friend.

You think to your self, I want to be that girl. I want to be at Starbucks. And then you attack your own self worth. I’m not good enough, my house is too messy, my outfit is sloppy and I’m fat. I give up.

Friend, this is vulnerable space.

How did life even get like this. We didn’t used to be messy. We remember life “Before”…before kids, before full time work, before marriage, before we got sick, before we were carrying for family members, before depression, before pinterest pressure and facebook and instagram.

Sister, you need help.

Even though deep down you know you need help, you hesitate. If you needed a “cleaning lady” you’d go for it, maybe even ask a friend for a suggestion. Inside you may even feel some pride like you’ve arrived. For some reason in our culture there is an elite attitude that comes along with hiring a “cleaning lady”. It is seen as a luxury of wealth if someone comes to clean your house. There is no stigma associated with someone who cleans up your dust and the toothpaste in your sink. But, when it comes to our stuff, well that’s a different story. We feel embarrassed , we should have our stuff in order.

Here’s the truth. I think you are a super hero. I admire you. I think you are a world changer. I think you rock at being a Mom and a side hustler, or a teacher, accountant, insurance sales person, whatever you are. You are just wearing a lot of hats.

I’m here to help.

I love your stories. I love to hear about when you wore that dress on your first date, even though you couldn’t, for the life of you, fit into it today. I love to hear about how your Mom loved to drink tea, and now you have her special collection of tea cups. I respect that ratty sweatshirt that you’ve had since high school that feels like a hug when life is hard. I have my own collections, my own treasures, my own stories. The stuff of life is part of living here on a physical planet.

But, life get’s heavy. And I’m here to be your friend. To tell you that you deserve new pajamas, that self respect means letting go of things that are tired and out of style. I’m here to tell you to get your sexy on and keep dating your husband. He wants to see you looking your best and taking good care of yourself. I’m here to tell you that managing less stuff means more time with your kids and TIME RACES, my friends. My baby is a teenager, how did that even happen? I don’t want my weekends to be spent cleaning house, I want to be taking her and her friends around town and laughing and getting our makeup done at Sephora. Those moments are my favorite treasures.

Mostacholi for the freezer… Multiply to Simplify. Eight nights in my future have dinner DONE!

This very day I was feeling on top of my game. I had laundry rolling, I put eight meals into the freezer, I was rocking it. I was so inspired about how my time management was clicking that I sat down to share this with you, to write a blog post. And then guess what happened, time got away from me! My neighbor messaged me the that she was ready to go for a walk and I looked up at the clock…where had my morning gone. In an instant I went from “on top” to “behind”.

I stopped what I was doing, tied up my walking shoes and headed out the door leaving dishes on the counter, laundry that needed to get into the dryer and a blog post half written. If there is one thing that I have learned it is this, “Put people first.” I work to be a efficient as possible, but I pause for friends and family because if I don’t the time will slip through the hour glass and I will have missed the moment. I’m so glad I took the time. My walk with my friend helped me focus, to remember my purpose, she spoke life into me and shared scripture that nourished my soul. She showed me around her yard and even gave me some plants to add to my garden.

Today if the feeling of TIME RACING speaks to you and you feel like you need someone to come alongside of you and help you minimize your mountain and put systems in place at your house. Call me. I’m your girl. Real life happens at my house. Everyday I try to do a little bit better. I see huge progress and I want that for you. Stop dreaming about the life you want and start living it today.

I’m on your team.

Contact me to learn more about how Skinny House Professional Home Organizing and Staging can help.

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