The Art of Home.

I have a deep appreciation for all things that are art. From fine food to paintings, music and a thoughtfully decorated space. I savor nature with flowers and stars and the sound of waves crashing against the sand. I LOVE people, and my favorite quote is “For women conversation is play.” There is nothing better than a long lingering lunch with a friend discussing topics that make me think or help me to enter into another’s life.

This love of art combined with my love for people is why I am passionate about design. I truly love design. Everything that I enjoy is somehow sculptural to me. When I was a hairstylist I was arranging a shape, a form and hair was my medium. When I’m sewing a dress or choosing fabrics for a quilt it is a study in color and arrangement. When I’m working in my landscaping I’m sculpting the bushes with my electric trimmers and planting flowers to welcome you down the pathway that leads to my front door. When I’m arranging flowers in a vase, I am again sculpting, creating a shape that is beautiful and makes me smile.

Decorating a home to me is art. I am creating a sculpture as I arrange furniture and objects, layering them in a beautiful way.

What makes every expression of art significant is the STORY behind the work. At a concert it is the sentence that bridges into a song that tells you that this piece was written for a first love or that a classical piece was written during an era of war and that music brought the people together.

When I design a home I always start by remembering what the heart of a home is. I look for the STORY behind the walls and doors. I ask myself who lives here, and what do they want their home to say. What does “Home” mean to them. For many here are the themes that surface.

Home is safe a place. It’s the place that we share with the ones we love. It is our shelter from the elements. (I have been deeply grateful for this through this record breaking harsh winter of 2019.) Home is where we rest. Home is where we create. Home is the place where we extend hospitality and gather around a table to share life. Home is where we offer a hot shower and an inviting bed to a guest who is passing through. Home is where we teach our children, where they learn of our heritage, our faith, and how to survive on their own. Home is something that we build carefully, over time, investing through our hard labor, so that we have a place to grow old together.

When I start with the heart of what home is, and the STORY that it is longing to tell, the end result is always beautiful. When I am invited into the intimate space of a client’s home I get to listen to their stories. I share in the memories of seasons past in this most special place and I dream with them of the future. Then we carefully sift through the objects of yesterday and curate a few beautiful things that celebrate the people that we have been and equip ourselves for the bright future that awaits us.

My hope today, even if it’s just for me, is to remember the why behind what I do. I love creating “home” as a wonder filled place for the people that I love. I want everyone, everywhere to enjoy this sense of home that brings delight.

For many home means stress, chores, and guilt as they can’t quite achieve the dream home that lives in a fairy tale in their mind. My quest is to take the hand of every weary traveler and help them to find the path that leads to that wonderful home of their dreams. I hope not just to arrange objects in an artful way, but to create a place where beautiful life happens.

It feels good to live in a “Skinny House.”

Photo Credit: Quote by: Jay Laffoon

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  1. So for whatever reason, I can’t “like” this post (Technical issues? Some sites I’m just unable), but I completely LOVE this!! I’m jealous of your clients. 🙂 May you be blessed to keep pouring into the people and homes you’re sculpting. Hugs!


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