Big Steps Art Van Furniture, “Designer In You.” Contest

One step at a time. That’s how we get anywhere in life right?

Some steps are small, some are big, some are easy, some are challenging.

Today I took a big step.

I learned about a contest held by Wood TV Eight and Art Van Furniture. They were looking for someone to be a Design Influencer.

My work with “Skinny House” has prepared me for this moment. Meeting with clients, staging homes, and speaking to women’s groups have all been critical steps leading me up to this opportunity. It is such a dream come true to be working in the design field. Whenever I meet a client to organize their space or stage a home I leave feeling so very lucky. My last client remarked, “I think you’ve found your calling.” I Love everything about design.

I’ve always liked to arrange things. As a child, my doll house was an evolution of years of creating and arranging. My home today is an ever changing place where objects are carefully curated and then displayed.

Today I was interviewed by a panel of judges. There was a representative from Art Van, Wood TV Eight and Kendal College of Art and Design. As part of the interview/audition I got to arrange a “room” for them.

It was a designer’s playground. They had rugs, accent chairs, pillows, accessories and artwork. I had seven minutes to pull together a complete room look.

It was a big step.

Here’s what I’m learning. GO FOR IT! Dream Big dreams.

When they selected me for the live audition I jumped up and down and screamed, “They picked me!” I shouted, “They picked me!” What a great rush of energy.

Here’s the other thing I’m learning. BE TRUE TO YOU!

Everyone that I talked to ahead of the audition said to me, “Just be you.” With amazing supernatural peace I was able to do just that today. This red head, Grand Rapids girl, Mom of three, wife of Adam, home loving, design obsessed girl just went in as me. And it was good.

I don’t know what the outcome will be. The final winner will be announced on March 3. But I do know this. Today I took a big step. I stretched, I learned, and I grew. It felt so alive. Wherever it leads, I’m moving forward.

It feels good to live in a “Skinny House.”

YouTube Audition Video

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