The Call to be a Lighthouse.

I watched the news before bed…always a mistake.

I struggled to settle my mind for sleep. I was overwhelmed by the darkness, the brokenness. The decline in morality that is racing at a fever pitch. I prayed for our world, for our country, for my friends and neighbors, for my kids.

First thing the next morning I stepped outside to let my dog out. I was still feeling the weight of the darkness from the night before. My senses were immediately awakened. The air was brisk, really brisk. The wind was swirling, it felt sharp on my skin. The day before had been unseasonably warm. The temperature had been in the mid 80’s which was a record for Michigan in October. I had gone for a walk in a tank top and shorts. The cold today felt like a shock to my system.  It was dark, really dark.

Then I noticed it. The house at the end of the road. All of the lights were on.

The porch lights, the lights on the garage and all of the interior lights flooded out lighting up the surrounding area. The porch was filled with mums and planters overflowing with sweet pea vines. A pair of adirondack chairs invited you to come and visit. On the door was a big pumpkin that said, “Happy Harvest.”

Everything was so welcoming, so warm. So full of LIGHT. In that moment it clicked, this is how we are supposed to be.

I am not to live in fear of the darkness. I am not to face the future with dread. Instead, I am to join forces with God in the task of spreading His light.  I watched the sunrise and I thought of a powerful connection. One day God will return and fill the world with light. His light like the sunrise, will drive the darkness out of every space. But first, He calls us to turn on the lights inside of each of our houses. We are to be like little boxes of light sprinkled all over the landscape. Our homes and our hearts are to be a welcome place to the hurting.  Our friendship should feel like a warm shelter to those in need. I am to radiate the love of Christ through acts of kindness, justice, and mercy until the day when He returns and floods the world with light.


The darker the world gets, the more desperately it needs our light.

It is a lie to think that we will be more effective if we are more like the world. Our enemy would tell us to dim down our lights so that we blend in. We are tempted to water down the truth. Satan wants us not to shine too brightly into the eyes of those accustomed to the darkness. Oh how untrue this is. We must shine brightly like a light house guiding those we encounter. There is a wicked storm brewing in our back yards and people need the light of hope that comes from knowing that Jesus loves, forgives and restores.


This is not a time to be neutral. This is a call to action.

May we not be so deceived into thinking that we have time to go about our business. Scripture warns us to be on the watch in the night. Looking for the return of our Savior. In the midst of the darkness my heart wants to fear. Instead I need to focus on the hope that I have. I need to fix my eyes on the one who is triumphant. Jesus says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

One day the sun will rise again. God will conquer. Darkness can not over power the sun. We serve a risen Savior.

In the end, JESUS WINS. Keep shining your light.


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