Spice and Everything Nice.

I am very frugal by nature. It is no secret that I love things organized and I admit that my heart goes pitter patter when everything matches. I looked into buying all new spice jars so that everything would be in glass and matching perfectly in my spice drawer. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend a small fortune for a drawer that only I see. Honestly I’d rather use my money to buy food to use all of those spices on.

I decided that my best solution was to remove all of the mismatched labels to create a more uniform look. I peeled off the labels and replaced them with labels made with my label maker and clear label tape.

I grouped my spices by jar type and then put each jar type in alphabetical order. By grouping them together I was able to see that I had a couple of duplicates. I took a picture of the drawer with my smart phone so that I can see at a glance what I have if I am second guessing myself the next time that I am in the store.

Sometimes the best things in life are free. I am satisfied with the results and I didn’t spend a penny.


Chic Style

*My label maker is my favorite organizing tool. Check out this link to get one for yourself, simply click on the picture below.

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2 Replies to “Spice and Everything Nice.”

    1. Most of the labels came off easily as there was only one stripe of adhesive to attach the label. There were a couple that had adhesive under the whole label so those had to be scrubbed off, so that took a little patience. I made sure that the lid was closed tightly and then ran the bottle under hot water. I have a plastic scrapper from Pampered Chef that worked great to scrape off the label.


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