Label Maker Love

You know you’re an organizing geek when…

Your husband hands you a package and you:

  • Shriek with Delight,
  • Jump Up and Down
  • Throw your Arms around Him
  • and Almost Cry

because inside the box you just opened is…



Seriously, I’m not even exaggerating, this was truly my reaction to this amazing gift. Adam rocks when it comes to giving gifts. He’d been stalking my amazon cart and found that I was researching label makers so he surprised me with one.

If you are going to buy only one thing to help get your house in order buy a Label Maker.

Labeling is like silent communication to the members of a household. It is like I’m saying, “Please put that back HERE” without me ever saying a single nagging word. It provides perfect, uniform lettering that makes everything look sharp. I don’t have to be annoyed by my not so perfect penmenship or hassle with creating computer labels. My kids even think it’s fun to use and have made labels for all of their toy bins. I’ve been trying to get them to care about putting things in the right bin for years, but when they are given the privilege to use Mom’s new toy (label maker) magic happens.



Below is the link for the Label Maker that I have. It is wonderful. The tape is simple to change and comes in a variety of colors (sold separately). It is lightweight and has a lovely variety of fonts, frames and symbols.

Click on the photo to find the Brother P-touch labeler on

Photo credits: Kamra Rae Photography
This post includes affiliate links…I may get paid a little bit if you follow the link, but it does not affect the cost to you. Thanks for your support!

2 Replies to “Label Maker Love”

  1. Haha! Michelle, you’re too funny. But I get it! I love my label maker. I got asked TWICE this weekend why I have my kit labeled. Do I need a reason???


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