Back to School Resolutions

It is a tradition for people to make “New Years Resolutions” on January 1. We flip the calendar and hope for a new beginning.

We look back at the Holiday season and feel guilt for eating too many sweets and not being active enough and we “resolve” to take better care of ourselves next year.

For me “back to school” time is much more of a new beginning than the flipping of the calendar in the middle of winter.

The kids start fresh with newly sharpened pencils and a new box of crayons. They meet a new teacher and reconnect with friends. Every year I find myself making “Back to School Resolutions.” They are usually things like:

  • I am going to send my kids healthier lunches.
  • I am going to exercise every morning.
  • I am going to be sure that my kids are practicing music.
  • We are going to read together more.

These are all good resolutions. You may even decide to pick one of them to start your year off on the right path. I have given lots of contemplation to what I want my resolution to be for this years, “Back to school Resolution.”

Over the summer I realized that I have a new addiction-LEARNING/GROWTH.

It is interesting to experience that once you begin to challenge yourself you get an appetite for more knowledge, more challenge. I find myself reading and listening to books as fast as I can consume them.

As I reflect on the summer the highlights for me were the times when I could finish this sentence:

“I’ve NEVER __________________, until today.”

Here are some of the things that I can no longer say, “I’ve never”

  • Been the “parent” of a graduate
  • Eaten a beet
  • Gone to the Fulton Street Market
  • Run in a race
  • Run the shoreline of the Lake Michigan Beach
  • Worshiped on the water
  • Swam in my clothes as an adult
  • Cooked “Hello Fresh”
  • Gone to a Picnic Pops Symphony Concert
  • Had a green smoothie
  • Said “No” to ice cream
  • Made spinach/artichoke dip in a campfire
  • Read a Vegan cookbook
  • Drank Kombucha
  • Gone to a Business Marketing meeting
  • Kayaked the river in Ludington
  • Seen a rattle snake in the wild
  • Had a photography lesson

I have found white space in my calendar and my life as I clear out the “junk”. The physical junk, the junk food, the time wasting activities. In my “Skinny House” I am able to put my health and new experiences at the top of the list. They are simple things, but they are new and fresh and good.

So for my “Back to School Resolution” I am going to aspire to keep crossing things off of my “I’ve Never” list. 

If I want to become a better version of myself I have to do something today that I didn’t do yesterday. Repeating the same action and expecting a different result is foolish.

Challenge: Do one thing today that you’ve NEVER done before. Something that stretches you, challenges you, improves your health, your sense of adventure, makes you stronger makes you feel ALIVE. 

It feels good to live in a “Skinny House.”

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