Fresh Flowers

I LOVE Fresh Flowers!

It is no secret that I love fresh flowers.

I always have. My love for flowers runs in the family. My Grandpa is known for his stunning roses. He is a master rose gardener. My grandpa is 89 years old and I am confident that if you were to drop in at his house today he would have a bouquet of his famous roses on the coffee table. It is endearing. He says that he grows them for my Grandma, he wife of 71 years!

My Mom inherited the love of flowers from her Dad. Just this afternoon I was on the phone with her and she was in her yard trimming her perennials. I could tell by her voice that she was in her happy place. Every year in early spring when the phlox are in bloom her side hill is a carpet of flowers. It is tradition that whenever I stop by I get the “garden tour” to see what is in bloom. She has years of careful planting and care on display in the terraced flowerbeds that wrap my parent’s home in color and love.

Adam knew that I loved flowers early on. One of the epic parts of his extravagant wedding proposal to me was that he had flowers delivered to me EVERYDAY for a week! Each one had a special message that hinted at the weekend ahead when he asked me to marry him. He’s a keeper.

IMG_5302aFlowers are a key part of inspiring me to have a “Skinny House.”

They serve as great motivation to me. I often have flowers cut from my yard, or a flowering plant from my favorite greenhouse in the center of my table or island. At every special occasion Adam still has flowers delivered, even after almost 20 years married. I find that if I have beautiful flowers I want to sweep away all of the clutter around them. A beautiful centerpiece just doesn’t have the same impact if it is surrounded by mail and odds and ends from around the house. This helps me keep the table cleared off.

IMG_0791Flowers encourage hospitality.

There is something very welcoming about flowers. When my table is clear and there is a pretty arrangement of flowers it feels nice to invite a neighbor or friend to step in the door to chat.


Tips for arranging flowers:

  • Use what you have- My favorite place to source flowers is in my own yard, we plant intentionally using flowers that cut well. My favorite are hydrangeas! They fill a vase and a simple bouquet looks stunning. I also like to gather from natural areas using grasses and branches for height in arrangements.
  • Make your own flower “Frog”– A frog is an insert that you put into your vase to hold your flowers in a certain place. I always use clear scotch tape to create a grid on the top of my container. This way the flowers do not fall to one side and stay arranged nicely.
  • Add Drama with Height- I like to make arrangements that are a mostly an even collection of flowers with a spike of grasses or branches off to one side to give an unexpected flair.

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