Living Local

20180718_165110.jpg farmers market

It’s Farmer’s Market season! YAY!!!

Yesterday my kids and I ventured down to the Fulton Street Market. It was a beautiful representative of our awesome city…Grand Rapids. There were artisans with handmade decor, soaps, pottery, jewelry and more. The summers abundance was evident in the careful rows fruits and veggies. The vivid colors, thoughtful displays and positive energy were a delight for this “Skinny House” girl. It was obvious that a lot of love goes into the goods for sale. This place demonstrated people living out their passions and it was a place to celebrate. These people were not at home cleaning and straightening up, they were stitching and molding, brewing and harvesting. It felt so ALIVE!

IMG_3800A huge thanks to my dear friend Lindsay for sharing her crop share with me this week.

I was able to fill 3 bags with beautiful greens, carrots that still have dirt on them and english cucumbers that deserve a ribbon at the fair. Today I used the scallions in my rice bowl and WOW the flavor!  They had a robust vibrant onion zing that was amazing.

IMG_3811Along the way I stopped by a vender that Lindsay calls “The Kombucha Guy”.

(His real name is Joel.) I grew up with his family. They were very involved at my high school and home church.I never would have recognized him if I hadn’t been given a heads up as his face hides behind a David Crowder worthy beard. My kids and I sampled the Kombucha…it was delicious! My youngest was an instant fan. I have become increasingly interested in gut health and the whole microbiome that lives in our belly. I am excited to add this fermented beverage into our life. My favorite take away from our conversation was that Joel and his business partner are putting an emphasis on the artisan element of their beverage. Our city has become known as “Beer City USA” and they are joining the trend with a non alcoholic craft product that has numerous health benefits…that is something that I can get on board with. Look for “SACRED SPRINGS KOMBUCHA” at Local Markets, on tap at Harvest Health stores and available at many retailers.

All in all it was a fun summer outing.

If you live in the area check out the market on Fulton Street downtown. Wednesday’s market was much smaller than the weekend extravaganza, but parking was easy and there was plenty to choose from. We also ran into a neighbor who with her husband started  “DADDY’S DOUGH”. They make boutique worthy cookies. I loved talking with her about how they had a dream of running their own business and they went for it. They bake out of the downtown market kitchen and have their product in many retailers and markets. As I watch my professional organizing business grow it is encouraging to connect with other entrepreneurs. “DADDY’S DOUGH” is a real inspiration.

I am passionate about time with my kids, supporting local artisans and farmers, and celebrating my city.

My kids and I had spent the past couple of days conquering the clutter in our play room and it was time to get out.

It feels good to live in a “Skinny House.”


*If you would like to find more time to explore our city and pursue your passions contact me. I would love to come alongside of you and help you conquer the clutter and mess in your home. email me at:


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