What Goldilocks and Simplism have in common.

I love the story of Goldilocks. I want to be Mama Bear. I want her house. Everything inside is “Just Right” for the people who live there. 

Think about the story. Goldilocks comes to an open door. I want that to be my house. The house where the door is always open. Then she finds the table neatly set with a healthy breakfast lovingly prepared “just right” for each member of the family. When Goldilocks explores the living room she finds three chairs thoughtfully placed. It is not a minimalist home with no where to sit and it is not a maximalist home stuffed and cluttered so that you have to move aside piles to find a place to sit. This home belongs to a “simplist” who’s motto is “not too much, not too little, just right.”

This is exactly where I want to fall on the spectrum of minimalism and maximalism …right in the middle. This middle ground is the sweet spot that I like to call “SIMPLISM.”

I do not want to have so little that my home feels sparse or lacks a welcoming feeling.  And I do not want to have so much that keeping everything that I own organized and maintained gets in the way and steals time from what I love most-people! I want enough dishes to set a place for all who enter, and a simplicity of space that makes it easy for even a stranger to make themselves at home. Anyone who enters my kitchen can easily find a glass for a drink of water and a healthy snack. My living room has space for a group to sit and share a cup of coffee and a rich conversation with little visual distraction. My guest room is ready with clean sheets and white towels. If you need a place to stay I am confident that like Goldilocks you will climb into bed and fall fast asleep in a place that feels “just right”.

So come in, my door is open, breakfast is ready, and there is a cozy place for you to sit and stay a while. But be advised, I may be out taking a walk in the woods with a friend. I have the freedom to do that now that I’ve decluttered and put my house on a  D-I-E-T. (learn more at this link )

It feels “Just Right” to live in a “Skinny House”. 


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