As I travel on the journey to a Skinny House I’ve listened to the stories of lots of fellow travelers along the way. I’m finding a theme emerging.

We all have a kryptonite.

For me constantly striving to keep my house was the road block that stood in the way of me finding freedom to pursue health and relationships and things that I am passionate about.

In “the year of less” Cait Flanders goes on a one year shopping ban. She recognized that shopping for her was her go to place when she was feeling low. She was buying things that represented the person that she wanted to be more than being honest with who she really was and what she needed.

I’ve heard stories of women who couldn’t get through the road block of food or alcohol or reading or watching Netflix. I’ve watched as some are obsessed with fashion or decorating their home. This is a constant chase as the trends are always moving and changing. The pursuit of recognition at work or from friends can consume us.

Here is what I am learning, all of this chasing adds weight to the load that we carry.

The cycle is vicious. We feel bad so we (ironically) crave our kryptonite in a desperate effort to numb life. We shop, we reach for food, we work late. Then we feel guilt. We hate that our homes are stuffed and unorganized, we hate that our clothes look bad on lumpy bodies and we are too exhausted to spend quality time doing what we love. And so we reach again to our personal kryptonite and the weight continues to get heavier and heavier.

There is a simple concept that if we do the same thing over again, we get the same result. For me I had to get totally fed up to motivate me to let go of lots and lots of stuff.

I couldn’t carry the weight any longer, my house had to go on a D-I-E-T.

I DECLUTTERED like my sanity depended on it, because it did. I had to study and do lots of trial and error to finally manage and IDENTIFY the trouble spots in my home. I had to EXERCISE routines so that I could get my work done without thinking about it. And I had to implement TEAMWORK. I could never do this alone or I would just keep chasing my tail.

These simple steps can be applied no matter what your personal Kryptonite is. Let me give you an example. Perhaps your weakness is food/health.

D-DECLUTTER- Remove all temptation from your house. Success starts in the pantry and when you are at the grocery store. I can’t have chocolate chip cookies in my house. I eat them. Lots of them. But, if all I can find is veggies then I eat those.

I-IDENTIFY TROUBLE SPOTS- Step back from your day and pin point when you are weak. I do good until the classic mid afternoon snack time, then I binge wildly on whatever I can find…unless I have planned ahead. If I count my calories in the morning and measure out a snack and set it in the fridge for this time then I can get through the challenge of afternoon hunger.

E-EXERCISE ROUTINES- Do things in the same order at the same time and you don’t have to think about it. I have a neighbor who is a runner. You could set your clock by her routine, she never misses because that is “running time”. As far as food when I prepare big batches ahead of time and have the same soup for lunch each day I am much more successful. Repetition is a helpful tool.

T-TEAMWORK- This one is my favorite. I’m learning to multitask healthy living. I have a neighbor who has become one of my best friends. We have decided that instead of grabbing lunch when we need to catch up, we go for a walk. I always walk farther when we are together because I don’t want the conversation to end.

Join me on my journey to achieving “Healthy House, Healthy You.”

Whatever it is that is causing a roadblock to the life you really desire let’s break it down together. When we do, a beautiful thing is revealed. I’m discovering my own sense of style now that my wardrobe is all things that I love, I am spending more time with the people that I love, I’ve been able to be generous. Strip off the excess and find the real you underneath. It feels so free.

It’s good to live in a “Skinny House.”

One Reply to “Kryptonite”

  1. Michelle, I’ve been meaning to tell you – after reading a previous post I was inspired to declutter. I threw away half the socks I owned that needed to go. It was just one drawer, but now everything in there is useful and I can find what I’m looking for! Loving your Skinny House theme!


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