Laundry Addiction

Hi, my name is “Michelle”, and I am a recovering laundryaholic.

I am obsessed with laundry. If there are clothes in the basket, I empty it, a damp towel, I wash it. I can’t stand to have mountains of laundry pile up. “So what’s the big deal,” you ask? The trouble is that it is never, ever done. Do you ever notice this? The second you put the last pair of socks into a drawer a child calls out with a “laundry emergency.”  “MOM!” I just spilled kool aid all over myself, or I wiped out on my bike in a mud puddle.” I know my first reaction should be, “Oh sweetie, are you OK?” But instead my head is saying, ” Of coarse you did, I just finished the laundry!” I am recovering from this addiction with two very simple solutions.


I learned this concept from the international students that we have had stay with us. They follow the simple idea that if there is no visual stain and an item doesn’t smell bad you hang it up and rewear it or use it again. Honestly a month can pass and at the end of it I get a half full grocery bag of clothes from our student that need to be washed-amazing. My family has learned to hang towels after showers, and wear things lots of times before washing. Our clothes look better and last longer as an added benefit.


The revelation that each day has a job, just like how God organized the days of creation, has revolutionized my life. Now I can drop things in the basket and think, “I’ll get to that on wash day.” Then I am free to think, “what do I want to do right now?”, and there it is…white space! Freedom! Margin.

What I am learning on this Skinny House journey is that if I manage my house efficiently, I have the space to pursue my passions.

I admit I am still recovering and there are weeks when an empty underwear drawer necessitates a random load of wash, but I am loving this new way of living. It feels good to live in a “Skinny House.”

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