Simplified Birthdays

Birthday’s seemed to be getting bigger and grander.

Each year getting a little bit more out of balance. It was hard to compete with peers who were having amazing parties with tons of gifts, food, and prizes. We decided that this would be a great teaching opportunity.

We decided to give each child $100.00 for their birthday and they can spend it however they want.

Suddenly the kids have a happy heart about simple home parties or taking a couple of friends to an open gym at gymnastics.

Today Alexa turns 9.


She invited friends to our house. She went on Pinterest with me to find ideas for games we could do with things we had around the house and decorations that we could print at home.

I took her to the dollar store to get supplies.

In the past I would leave having spent more than I wanted and with a sick stomach over all the junk I had just purchased. Yesterday after lots of careful thinking we spent…$2.00. We bought a piece of yellow poster board for “Pin the bow on the ducky.” And we bought a bag of yellow balloons…it’s amazing how a few balloons makes it instantly feel like a party!


What is most impressive is what we didn’t buy:

  • Paper Plates- We are using China instead (in the theme of use what you love)
  • Ducky stuffed animals, wind up chicks- In Alexa’s words, “I think that my friends would like to have a clean room like me and don’t want toys that break easily.” The ultimate result of the Skinny House D-I-E-T is when the person changes to thinking Skinny and stops bringing clutter in.
  • Candy-We have unopened bags at home. With a good grasp of the inventory that we have at home we didn’t buy stuff that we didn’t need.
  • Decorations-Alexa has an impressive collection of rubber ducks. She decided to use her collection to decorate. We also used the reusable birthday banner that I sewed when the girls were little, we use it at every birthday party. We borrowed some flowers from her room for a centerpiece.

Untitled design-2

When you put your house on a D-I-E-T it affects all areas of your life.

It’s more than just a tidy closet or an organized pantry. It effects how you party and as a added benefit how often you open your wallet. Skinny House living celebrates simplicity and makes lots of space for creativity and quality time with your favorite friends. Invite whoever you want, we are not paying for admission at a bounce world, we’re tossing rubber ducks. It feels good to live in a “Skinny House.”


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