Home Staging

Welcome Home. Michelle of Skinny House will work her magic to transform your space into a picture perfect property that is ready for the market.

Perfect for Real Estate agents and individuals who are preparing their homes for sale.

Home Organizing

Life is busy. Skinny House is here to help. It’s time to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Every cupboard, closet and drawer is an opportunity to create a smile. Let the frustrations melt away. Skinny House to the rescue.

About Michelle, Owner of Skinny House

“Inspiring people to create streamlined, beautiful environments so that they are free to pursue their passions.”

My hope has always been that my home would be an oasis for everyone that entered through the doors. That my life would be lived purposefully by placing my biggest investments into people. I have a passion for design and for finding creative solutions for organizing problems. In my own life I have wrestled with the frustration of repeated cleaning and organizing swallowing up my precious time. I am finding freedom from the weight of “too much” by placing my house on a “D-I-E-T”.


I am blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart-Adam. He stole my whole heart and is keeping it safe for “always.” We have three kids who give me so much joy and keep me humble. Our dog Zeke is our family mascot, he rocks!

Join my journey.


You can expect Michelle to weave personal stories and inspirational messages into practical advice on how you can achieve a “Skinny House”. Invite her to inspire your group on a variety of topics to un-clutter your body, soul and home.

Perfect for Mom’s Groups, or community groups.

Sign up for the Calvin College Fall CALL series where Michelle will be teaching in September 2019- Wednesday at 1:30, first session, for four weeks, 9/4-9/25. 

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